Corporate typefaces for an IT consulting practice

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Corporate typefaces for an IT consulting practice

Good evening,

By uniting two small companies, we have the opportunity to define a new French reference in consulting specialised in IT & networking. The target of our partnership is large enterprises and administrations, to which we provide high level counsel, in technologies, sourcing, and project management.

I am looking for ideas and advices in typeface selection, to visually render our style: recognisable excellence in new technologies projects.

I observed for example that Accenture made the choice of Rotis, disregarding the opinion of respected typographers such as Erik Spiekermann.

None of our constituencies had defined corporate typefaces for communications. The only point of reference is the logotype of the mother group, set in Helvetica ( core competencies, civil engineering, founded in 1957...)

The constraints of usage are these ones:
- we are editing and presenting our work in MS Office ; so the typeface family must provide perfect legibility on screen, even in 10pt size
- a ample choice of weight or styles to express contrast in slides or between titles and text
- the rendering must degrade gracefully on a computer equipped with the default Windows PC when we send draft documents to our client as DOC, XLS or VSS files without the original fonts.
NB : am I shooting for the moon?

Looking forward your responses.