americans - two types

can anyone help with these:

first is a Gish Jen book cover
and the second is a title sequence for a George Wallace miniseries


In the George Wallace image, is it the white type in the center that you want ID'd?

- Mike Yanega

Yes, that's the title sequence.

I'd say that was at least close to Egyptienne Condensed Medium.

- Mike Yanega

thanks for the help, i think i've found a very close match from an old wood type catalogue actually now, anyone know the Gish Jen typeface?

This is a lighter weight but similar:

South Beach

--- Tamas Ferencz ---

thanks, but the gish jen face is much boxier, check out the geometry of the capital 's'
anyone any ideas?

I spent some time looking for this when you first posted it, but the closest I have been able to find is E F Diamante (Medium or Bold). The basic shapes, including the S, are about right, but the strokes through the stems would need to be added.

- Mike Yanega