Pomegranate - questions about the process

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Pomegranate - questions about the process

I find myself digging in one direction with this logo while I’m not sure if I’m on the right way.
The right way for me is consisted of aesthetic results but also of some logic that I think I miss here.
So I’ll appreciate it if you can help me with the thinking process here… even if you don’t like the final result, could you please give me a feedback on how you would approach this process.
Here are my steps:
1. The type and mark is okay with me but I feel I need to give the ‘flower’ a slight change to make it more pop out.
2. I’m trying to add the word bistro and make it work together with the word pomegranate.
for this step I have these questions:
a. in general, do you think that it is necessary to add such words like bistro/ restaurants/ bar when the name of the place doesn’t refer them? In this current bistro place, they only have the word pomegranate in their sign, and somewhere close to the entrance door there is a neon sign that says ‘bistro’ … if someone drives by this place, he can’t figure out what pomegranate is.
b. when you have a name that is consisted of two words and one of the words is more important, how small should be the second word in relationship to the important one? I’m guessing there are no firm rules but any logical tips will be great.
3. The font that I think will be a good choice for the word bistro should be: a serif font, less chubby than the pomegranate font, not italic, more ‘classic’ (bistros are dated from ~1800…). Specifically to this project – am I on the right direction with defining a font?
4. Now… I apologize in ahead for the next words… :-) - but, if I need to search a font, I’m choosing sites like ‘myfonts’ and start going font by font to find a good match – should I be thrown to a tiny dark cell? How do you find a font?
5. Last. Back to number 1. I’m trying to make a connection between the word bistro and pomegranate by finding a font that I can change the tip of its ascender in a way that will match the angle of the bottom of the flower. Maybe this will also make the flower pop out more.

This was a long one.