B A L A N C E - a stand alone typeface.

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Hi there,

I’ve been designing a font for the 3D environment, where each letterform is able to stand alone, up right in the 3D; even the lowercase letters, numbers, question marks etc.

It's largely inspired by engineering and building rather than traditional font concepts
(i.e. Readability, onscreen adaptability etc.) BUT I have not used massive slab serifs or made overly angular/sharp corners.

I'd love to know what you guys think of it. As I'm more of a typographer than a type designer. . .

any feedback / help would be great. . . cheers.

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I know it's not a useful criticism but perhaps consider a name change? There is already a typeface named Balance!

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cool yeah. . . its more of an work in progress name but thanks for the pointer.

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The "r" seems a little suffering.
maybe you could add a little notch to the left in order to counter-balance a more developed right side.

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Not exactly the same, but it might be worth looking at the
work of Andrew Byrom: http://andrewbyrom.com/type.html
Click on the "INTERIORS" slides.


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I'm not a type pro, but the question mark looks off to me, especially the negative space. Like a Picasso nose/face.

Totally different too, but I had thought of this Cube font: LINK

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Thanks everyone for your advice. . . I think I'll make the changes suggested BUT I think this font is ready for the metaphorical shelf. . . at least for now.

Thanks again. cian.

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