(x) May I miss Miss May?! - News Gothic ExCd {Yves, Ignacio}

sorry for posting an image with real zebraskin… and i hope i will not offend any anti-furists or animalcaring persons..

but if you could check up in the left corner at the letters M in MISS MAY

what font is it?

and Yves… you can throw away the image when it has been nailed… (No… not pinned-up!)

it is late here in Europe.. so i did not want to start up any applications and tidy things up!


Looks a lot like Univers Ultra Condensed, though the S here is a little more rounded. Possible it lost some of that roundness in the digitization?

Or perhaps the S just looks rounder here because of the nearby curves? ;)

Hmmm… Looks more like an American Gothic to me, not European.

Good call, Waffle.

I think you are right Yves, this looks like the old News Gothic Extra Condensed by ATF (sample)
or Jefferson Gothic, scroll down a little for more info in the Gerald Giampa site.

Type and Typography: The Designer’s Type Book by Ben Rosen, Van Nostrand Reinhold Ed.

the image is from BOYPLAY of the year 1954.. so it could not have been digitalized..