ESPN the mag college basketball issue font

espn always has nice fonts. this font looks somewhat familiar but the chopped tops of the S's and G's as well as the slanted bar in the H make it distinguished. The "R" is also slanted some. i'm interested in seeing if there are varying weights to this font.

this is from the previous issue which was about college basketball. i tried getting a link to the digital version but its been updated to the most recent.

any help much appreciated! i tried providing as much information as possible. thanks.


This is clearly Leonard Berken's infamous typeface Halifax Sans. Really, why waste our time? Next.

Reginald T. Wilikers
Type Expert, Better Than You

I too would like to know which typeface that is. Anyone?

Actually, this is a custom face designed by Hubert Jocham for ESPN magazine, also known as ESPN Gothic.

see this link

Reginald - This is obviously Halifax Neoue, the modern update of Halifax Sans designed by Berken and Wesley Yamato. I can't believe you didn't see that. Jeez.

- Lex

P.S. Paul is actually right.

thanks paul! i didn't figure this would be custom. it's great work.