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(x) Vintage Movie Ticket type - various {gang}

working on this project that requires typeface that used on vintage movie ticket.

many many thanks!

heres a few example:
movie ticket


Nice collection! But you realize there are perhaps dozens of different typefaces on these tickets, right?

Anyway, I’ll cherry-pick some of the obvious ones:

- Copperplate Gothic (Burnside, Strand Theatre, Center Theatre)

- Metro (Avon Theatre)

- Cheltenham (Queen Theatre)

- Goudy Bold Italic (“Drive-In Theatre” on Burnside)

- Nobel Bold (“Good only date sold” on Burnside)

- Avant Garde Gothic, squooshed (Columbia Drive-In)

I’m sure there are various weights of Monotype Grotesque, Spartan/Futura, and some of the older slabs, like Rockwell, Stymie or Memphis in the mix, too.

Marc: I think you nailed a good many of the fonts. I’ll chip in a few more guesses.

“Nobel” is basically a Kabel clone, and was released in 1993. The most likely sans-serif font for these tickets is Spartan, as it was very common in newspaper printing.

The “ADMIT ONE” on the Ocotillo ticket is Rockwell. The Burnside ticket has some Goudy Bold Italic on it.

There are a fair number of instances of Alternate Gothic for condensed sans text. The Columbia ticket stands out as inauthentic in its use of Avant Garde. Many of the numbers are in various American Gothics.

Serial number printing machines tended not to use real fonts. You can use Alternate Gothic in a pinch, but the numerals of Noga look a bit more authentic to my eye. For the more condensed variants, you may also have luck with Pacific Standard or Standard Condensed.

Looks like a fun project. Best of luck!

Regarding the numerals, Psyops’ free download of “Crash Numbering” is essential. It’s http://www.psyops.com/html/spec_crash.html.

(Why am I having trouble with this link?)

quadruple post, sorry

quadruple post, sorry

quadruple post, sorry.

is Crash Numbering available for PC?

Apparently not, but you can use any number of type conversion software to do this yourself. :-)

Anyone got this converted to PC? I tried expanding the archive but just got empty files…