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(x) Cigarettes shrink dicks...

i was wondering what this font is? i think it’s a david carson piece? it is interesting…


Wow. I don’t know, but it’s pretty smooth.

stephen.. i can’t remember where i saved this image from. ..! i just found it on my HD recently and it’s been bugging me whether it was Carson or not..

I believe this typeface is Simona, designed by Jane Patterson and John Downer.

Hm… my lead led me to make the wrong assumptions, it seems. :/

I checked around and this is all I could find

  • a dud link which sports the following text: “… of a typeface series called Simona, designed by Jane Patterson and me … Nevertheless, Simona still hasn’t been shown in PT’s Font Reference Guide, as … John Downer: …” (I suppose PT’s short for Porchez Typofonderie)
  • a mention in an article of Creative Pro
  • a mention on Luc Devroye’s site
  • a mention on his MyFonts Page that says Simona is published by Design Lab, Milan.

So still no real sighting.

PT = Precision Type.
It’s very hard to find specimens of Simona, although I’ve seen one on the web, but it was over a year ago.
Except if you have the recent book “Italic 1.0”: http://typographi.ca/2002_12_31.php#000457


There’s also a mention in the last issue of Serif.

“Last” being the operative word…  :-/


From the cited issue of Serif:
Simona from Serif

Thanks Kent! I recognize that I’m only looking at a low-
res GIF here, but this may be my favorite Downer font.

Beautiful! Totally agree with you, Stephen. I should’ve known: it has some very characteristic “Downerisms” in its design. Some parts have a hint of Vendetta to them. John Downer is IMHO the best thing to have happened to Triplex anyways. (Don’t take it too bad, Zuzanna, I unconditionnally love you for Mrs Eaves, Tarzana, Solex and a couple of others)

Yes, it’s more interesting than Vendetta, which is pretty interesting itself. BTW, what exactly did Patterson do?


i don’t think it’s carson. we all know i’m no expert,
but i think he would have used “then” rather then “than”.
that k is so… kinky.and scary. i just put a few of the
letters through whatthefont and got nothing.
anyone else have any leads? i’m very curious now.

does the new picture make everyone feel better?
i acquired a rooster to emulate mr. coles. maybe
now i’ll be able to i.d. obscure faces. maybe.

Finally some talk of Vendetta. I purchased a copy after it came out and have used it ever since. I’m always making hand outs for my students so I need something that will hold up well after being photocopied several times. It always looks great. It even faxes well.

Watch, just watch…The designers are going to imulate this. I don’t know when…. but soon typos are going to be the

tipos can niver be col. trst me.

I have a problem with Vendetta’s design methodology, but the results are indeed worthwhile. On the other hand, it really needs at least 3 optical sizes for its “segmentation” to have good effect at more than just large sizes. With just one size, the atmosphere the face conveys is too inconsistent at different sizes. If you look at the small sizes of metal Mistral for example, you’ll see the letters are much rougher in outline. But Excoffon was Excoffon.

BTW, I once wrote an pretty long review of Vendetta for typereview.com, but that site has been shut down.


BTW, I once wrote an pretty long review of Vendetta
for typereview.com, but that site has been shut down.

Since the site is closed, couldn’t you upload a copy
of it to your own site? I’d be curious to read it.

Cartier Book (a typeface designed for the Canadian centennial and recently revived) has some nice segmentation, though not as obvert as Vendetta.

I’d attach an example, but it’s difficult to find. I believe it’s mostly used by a few Canadian book publishers.


Rodolfo, maybe one day.


I I like Vendetta. It

I think it IS Carson, I’ve seen both the typefaces and the ad before, and if I remember it correctly it was related to Carson. Finding the type won’t be easy though: David uses a couple of proprietary faces. I know for a fact I’ve come across the serif with its typical lc “k”, maybe at Garage Fonts or [T-26]. Can’t do much for the moment because my Carson books and my Garage Fonts catalogue are at home, but I’ll try to hunt ‘em down. (Eat yer heart out, Dubya)

thanks for the post. I always tell my fianc

Might help us if you know where you found the image, Vivian.

If it’s Carson, ask Miles Newlyn.


I can

the typo being “than” sted of “then”

Claudio Piccinini knows quite a bit about the fonts commissioned by Carson, during Carson’s rayGun run. Many of those fonts remain Carson’s exclusive property. Did Carson work on this cig campaign?


Okay, guys, I had a hunch my Carson lead was solid. I found both typefaces used in DC and Lewis Blackwell’s second book “David Carson: 2nd sight — grafik design after the end of print”. The serif is used here and more prominently on spread 8-9 (Roger Kruger). He credits both Miles Newlyn and Pablo Medina as “font designers” on the last page.

This page on Miles’ website makes me fear both fonts might be proprietary, but I’ll give it another try tomorrow.