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Fellow Typophiles,

I've been working on a pet project lately to get a useful mobile experience for Typophile — for those moments when you're on the go and want to get a quick snapshot of what's happening. The design allows you to quickly browse through the latest posts, and jump to the site to get involved if something catches your eye.

It's just a start, but the project has already undergone a number of improvements and revisions, and I'd love to get your thoughts for where you'd like to see it evolve.


Screenshots (iPhone):

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Lovely! Now all I need is an Iphone...

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That's great! The feature that I would like most is to be able to visit my user tracking page to see if new comments have appeared in any threads I'm participating in.

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“Feeds”? (Mobile Safari as RSS reader? Is that what you intend?) “Launch site”? Launch what site? Where? Precision in terminology would be helpful.

Please explain further if you are one of the shadowy “moderators” of this site and if such CSS changes will be permanent.

Also, m.typophile.com is the generally accepted domain nomenclature. /m is not wrong, just unnecessarily different. The site should auto-detect a mobile device, show you the mobile-optimized version, and give you a link back to the conventional version. (Sadly, this is where we’ve arrived a decade after the handheld CSS media type was invented.)

Joe Clark

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How about "thank you"?
Cool thing, Jared. It's nice not to have to zoom and scroll all the time!

I wonder how much information that little screen can take. I mean in the overview (the first screenshot you show above) it'd be cool to see which Forum a post is in, and/or see more than one line of preview text. And maybe a "updated" time stamp to see what's new? But maybe that's already too much to squeeze on that screen.

- I second that being able to access one's own user tracking list would be nice.
- I agree that "Launch Site" is a bit weird in terms of wording, but it's nice to have that option so close.
- The loading indicator is super sweet! :)

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> It’s nice not to have to zoom and scroll all the time!

Get an HTC.


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typophile app? is that on the horizon?

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Does it work sideways?

I'd like to be able to go to my "tracking" section in my profile more than anything.

Looks really good.

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:) :) : :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

(the crowd goes wild)


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I want it, I want it NOW…

You could shave a little bit of the header, by aligning the name and the searchfield. The more real content, the better. Maybe with a single line right on the bottom of the T-square (no shadow, that is so 2.0).

Tighten up the top here, too. Nav-buttons also -- could be less high, with less real-estate above and under.

Ulterior motive: more space for content. Functionality before beauty. Or whatever.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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The red is too loud and angry.

Joe Clark

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The mobile version is very nice as far as it goes, but it's disappointing that you can't access the whole site in the same manner, just topics and main posts.

I'm used to the way the standard Typophile pages work on the iPhone. The most awkward aspects are the pages that list topics, because they have a wide fixed width, and the text entry boxes for posting comments, which are also way too wide. Reading topic posts is okay, unless you want to see the name and avatar of the poster at the same time. Viewing the site in horizontal orientation helps, but I prefer reading in portrait orientation--less scrolling.

If the "normal" site was designed a bit differently, I don't think there would be much need for a custom mobile version, at least for the iPhone.

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I would love to see a function somewhere in between the current "Track" function and Twitter. Basically you could follow people like on Twitter, and it would aggregate their posts into one section, like how TweetDeck does it. So maybe you open up the Typophile app, and like with tweetdeck, the first window is akin to the normal Typophile homepage; you scroll to the right, and this window has all your posts and marks new replies; you scroll to the next window and it has all the people you're following.

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Very good idea - for the "main" site as well!
And by topic (like excluding the Type-ID section for example).


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very interesting nice!

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I can't get http://typophile.com/m to work on a Nintendo DSi (mobile Opera, no Flash available). I get the T logo and a pull down menu with the sections at the top, but only the date in the area below.

Any chance of a version for those more primitive devices?

At least http://typophile.com/rss seems to work fine, and even the regular site appears to work except for the Flash dealies and layout.

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2 things:
1. Please don't spam the forums with your knockoff products that probably are a front for credit card fraud.
2. Please don't revive two year old threads with said spam.

Anyways, because this thread was revive a thought came to me, a Typophile iPhone app?

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Also, www.typophile.com/m does not work anymore.

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