Antiqua? Capitals

Anything close or similar you guys can think of?


I think that at least the Q is custom.

I agree with Riccardo. The tail on the Q seems like a monotone stroke added to an O.

Do you have any other letters?

- Mike Yanega

I actually have the whole alphabet. I drew this as a companion for Futura.
I just needed some direction on the lowercase. So I was wondering if it looks similar to something that's out there. I definitely had Luc De Groot's Antiqua in the back of my head as I was drawing this but I'm not sure if it even shows.

I was being sneaky in posting this here. It definitely belongs to the Design or the Critique forums. Oh, thanks for the feedback on the Q. It put a smile on my face and some ideas in my brains.

But yeah, anything close or similar you guys can think of?

That wasn't very nice of you, wasn't it? ;-)

I used my Serif Font ID Guide to look for the upper case key letters (EJKUMRW) and based on those your font is not a match for anything else in almost 1800 catalogued families. If you start dropping our less distinctive letters you begin to get some choices. One that was interesting was Artifex, by Gabriel Maeve, at Kimera Type.

- Mike Yanega

Artifex is super interesting. I had bookmarked the Kimera website but haven't looked at the typefaces much.
The g is very interesting. Maybe I should play on the original Renner g.