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some script ID's...

Rather than post several different posts i thought i'd pair them up since their all script faces...



"The Lost Girls" in your second sample seems to be based on Kursivschrift Stehend, but either there's a version with Swashes that I don't know, or those are custom.

First one is http://Adobe Caslon Italic, also with custom swashes -- which I'm very jealous of, I want a wedding invitation like that! ( Well, with different tail ends probably, but still... ) ;-)

The third one:
I just met the type designer of the third one this week in New York. His name is Joe Finocchiaro, http://www.joefino.com/ He just showed me this work. The basic was a photocopy of an quite similar script face and he had to adapt it for this logo. He is a great type designer.