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Here is a little experiment I carried out and created this in Illustrator. The inspiration came from another logo I found in the ultimate logo bible "tres logos". I am very happy with it but am not sure it could function as the final product and has more space for improvement. What do you think?
Note: this is written in arabic and is read from right to left

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Hey Zahra.

I think this entry isn't getting any action because: it's in your blog, as opposed to being a thread, which makes people more tentative to comment; and the title is mundane - try putting "Arabic/Farsi" in there - they'll all come out of the woodwork! :-) But also, show "tavangar" in a normal Farsi text font alongside, so non-readers can be guided a bit.


There might be too much variance in there - it could benefit by some simplification of form, without making it too dry however. See this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shch_andrey/4153699318

BTW, you want a real challenge? Try to get it to also say "Tavangar" in Latin, left-to-right! :-) I'm actually seeing a "T" and a "g" in roughly the right spots already...


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A part some unevenness in the thin strokes, especially where they join the stems, the "worst" thing I see is the the lonely stroke on the upper left.

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That stroke is the difference between a "k" and a "g" (the latter BTW doesn't exist in Arabic - except if you count the way Egyptians pronounce the "j"). But I do agree that it needs to be integrated better.


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For "worst" I meant "worst in appearance/execution". I never doubted it was there for a reason! :-)

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