Please help identifying this one

Could someone identify this font?


Maybe Proxima Nova Black?

Yes, that's the one I always want to mix up with H&FJ Gotham (I think they are very similar, but Jan seems to think otherwise ;-))

- Mike Yanega

Here is Proxima Nova Black test drive, followed by Gotham Black.Neither seems right, because the o's are round. If they were used then they were squooshed (TM).

- Mike Yanega

When I first saw it I thought it was Folio Extra-Bold but this one is less "square," and not so geometric like Proxima Nova or Gotham. The "o" looks a little like Dobra Black. I love the o!
I cannot find the campaign online —So maybe I could show a better sample of a Oxford Health Insurance campaign I found on a telephone booth...


what about Akzidenz Grotesk Super


yes it is, it might look a little taller in the image but that is the one. Thanks so much all!