Runic symbol

Hi there,

I wasn't sure where to ask this exactly, but I thought someone might be able to identify what this symbol actually is, perhaps it's name or even what it means. I've scoured the internet and found only more simplistic or more complicated runes. Maybe someone could point me to a better source than I've found...




It's not nordic, anglo-saxon, or even tolkien!
Where did you come acros it?
Are you sure it is a rune and not just a symbol with a runic feel?

Haha, I suppose it could possibly be merely in the style of runes. How disappointing! (though quite typical in these post-modern times). I found it in a mix of various charms. I have found some examples of runes with a central vertical stroke and spines going out either way, but they tend to be all in one direction per side...

it’s more like a combination of several runes.

for the elder futhark, check

it also reminds me of rudolf koch’s ancient symbols. i think p22 sells a digital version of koch’s symbols (”koch signs“), maybe check their site for examples or google for ”koch signs“

This is close: LINK
It probably is a combination of several runes.