Interface typeface for small sizes: TT or PS hinting?

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I'm working on a typeface that will be used to display pretty small sizes, 8-12 pt mostly, and I'm trying to get the hinting right.
As it stands, the face looks very readable and nice in one of the sizes, in the others the x-height fluctuates, creating a very irregular horizontal texture.

I've been trying to figure out Type 1 hinting, allthough as of yet the results have been disappointing. Before I plunge myself deeper down that rabbit hole, I thought I might ask you guys if I should switch to the (seemingly more complex) True type hinting, or if you think i should be able to get proper results with T1?


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To use T1 or TT Hinting depends on the platform where you use the font. For Windows you probably need to go for TT hinting, MacOSX is happy with T1.

For the x-height fluctuation, you need to get the alignments zones right and add some ghost hints.


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The font will be rendered with the freetype engine, on all platforms.

Thanks for the height fluctuation tip Georg :)

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I think you need to find out if the implementation includes all font formats and that the implementation does or does not use hints/instructions, ideally before you hint anything.


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Does Freetype include TrueType hinting routines or are these still being suppressed due to Apple's licensing restrictions?

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Yes (and no).
The default build setting is to use its own auto-hinting. For those inclined to take a liberal view to copyright issues, you can rebuild the library with that version of TT hinting. See Freetype and Patents.

An overview of hinting technologies can be found one the same site: The FreeType Auto-Hinting pages.

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>... Apple’s licensing restrictions?

A legal myth with great legs.


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