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Skills for Portfolio

It's been quite a while since I've posted an entry but I've been quite busy working on my portfolio and some other things. I had an idea to add a section to my portfolio where I don't show finished work, but rather specific skills. It's just going to be a small section where I can show things like before and after pictures of color correction, illustration, etc. I am not a type designer but would like to show some sort of type treatment as well. Does anyone have an idea of a type exercise that might be good in this context? As always, I appreciate any advice you have to offer.


Design a typeface and document the steps.

For a slightly smaller exercise :-), how about a logo* where you use a font but then tweak the lettershapes to work better in the logo? Might make for a very nice before-and-after. And you could even discuss the process/result right here.

* I've recently started doing that even in large headlines when there is time – convert to outlines and make ligatures, alternates, flourishes… Who says fonts need to be set the way they come out of the box!

Designing a typeface is a larger project than I am looking for right now. I would love to do it but it's not what I had in mind for this. I like the logo idea, I've done plenty of logos before but using type exclusively and modifying it might be a good exercise for this. Thanks for the help.