After all the hullabaloo about Ikea...

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I just visited their website, it seems to be mostly set in Arial.



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You seem to not have Verdana installed.

Ikea Germany is completely in Verdana.

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First I checked out the IKEA Iceland site, then the worldwide IKEA site .
Neither is using Verdana.

I have to say, the german website looks a lot better though. Verdana is great web type.


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Wow. Disappointing. With all the 'hullabaloo' about this verdana stuff, I sided with Ikea. Sure, verdana is not a great type for print, but it works, right? Besides, its risky and taboo.. cutting edge! And while it grates some people the wrong way... "watch the needle!" I said. "This change will help Ikea's bottom line!"

Now they veer from the game plan.

I feel betrayed. I think I'll sit on the floor today in protest.


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Verdana has a lot of good qualities, but it hasn't been "cutting edge" since the 90s.


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