fontlab - lookup question

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fontlab - lookup question

I want to have a different version for a letter everytime you type the letter.
For example if you type a A and 30 letters later you type a A again then it should be the A.1 version.


The code would be something like:

sub A @all @all @all A' by A.1;
sub A @all @all A' by A.1;
sub A @all A' by A.1;
sub A A' by A.1;

And that for every letter and alt version which makes the code really big.

Is it possible to use a lookup for the @all part?
Like this:

sub A' A' by A.1;

Where the lookup is used for:

@all @all;
@all @all @all;
@all @all @all @all;

So the lookup can be easy re-used for the B and C etc. (and A.1 A.2 ...)

Is there a more simple way to archive this?
I tried some things (with different code) but i moslty end up in:


where i want it to be:

Also i can't get the lookup from the opentype feature file specification to work:

I get the error:
aborting because of errors:
syntax error at "lookup"