(x) Constructivist Lettering - hand drawn {gang}

Hi all,

I want to know what font is in the picture ‘LENIN’. It seems Russian, but could I make it in English fonts? or anyone know what this russian font is. Thank you for all help!




One place to start is P22 fonts

Another possible source of information may be Paratype who advertise themselves as a multilingual foundry specializing in Cyrillic.


hello. i belive its custom lettering.. based on Futura..


It’s as beautiful as it is quirky… and yeah, it’s probably hand drawn.

*Thank you all for helping!

I just wanted to do something about the Communist theme, now I think it is so hard to find out what font was used in that picture. However, I have found another good font that would be good for me. Here you go
And, you would download this free font here if you like it too!
font URL

*Again, thank you so much, I love this forum!


Nice find, TyPO. Other constructivist fonts: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4