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(x) Vintage 50s Era Typography - Coronet, Gill Sans {Mark S, Viviane Tubiana}


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Hey everyone, new to the board and glad to be here.

I need help in identifying this particular typeface. It's taken from the drink cup of "The Hamburger Stand" (formerly known as The Original Hamburger Stand), a chain of food joints in the Southwestern United States. The Galardi Group is the parent company if that helps in identifying design/marketing houses they may have worked with for producing this updated logo in the 90s. Any help in identifying this or similar fonts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


It's modified Coronet. Mostly, they've set it tighter but there also seems to be a stroke added to make the letters bolder. The "H" is redrawn.


"STAND" looks like Gill Sans Bold, as is "The Burger Lover's Burger"


Thank you so very much, Mark! I really appreciate your help. Thanks, Vivicity as well!