New Font - Unnamed as yet.

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This is the very beginnings of this font - still need to create the Uppercase but sorting out the lower case first. The letters that have been bugging me are "a" "c" "e" "s" and I need to create more ligature style ones. I didn't mean it to end up looking this "jumpy" but I'm going with it now. I also want to create 3 more weights but this is just to get the "skeleton" of the font right.

This is a screen grab from Illustrator if it looks a bit ropey (although that may just be the typeface!)

Feedback, thoughts, hints, advice etc. are all more then welcome and would be appreciated!

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I like this (especially as white on black).

Some suggestions: I think the tail of the 'q' looks out of place next to all those tight little curves on the other letters -- perhaps if the curve had a smaller radius like the 'l'?

I like the funky round shape you have going on in the o, p, q, b, etc. So re your question about a, c, e, s, I think the c is fine overall (maybe some tinkering with the aperture) and the shape of the e is fine, with the exception of the middle horizontal piece. (Sorry I don't know my type anatomy better.) I think if it was more horizontal, or even inclined the other way, it would be an improvement.

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Cheers for that advice - I'm going to try the Horizontal on the "e" so it slopes the other way - don't know what you mean about the aperture on the "c" as I haven't got the first clue about type anatomy! I need to make it look less "hand drawn" somehow - I think that's down to getting the "e" and the "s" correct when I look at the words below...

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Aperture means opening -- all I meant was that it seems your 'c' is basically the same as your 'o' with a little section erased. In other words you might want to tinker with what part of the the 'o' you erase for the opening. IMHO I might make the opening a little larger.

Or, alternatively, you could use the "mirror image" of the 'o' as your starting point for the 'c', as it seems you did on the 'p' and 'b'. It's hard for me to picture whether that would look good or bad though.

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excellent.original. perfect timing. v-w-x-z seem perhaps a bit static compared to rest of glyphs. maybe a little more curvature would remedy this issue. e is a bit too to 'closed". otherwise
If you plan on finishing this with numerals, I would suggest leaving the 4 open.

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Thanks for the positive feedback on this font! I hope you stick around for the development... I did this while I had a chance at work but it's extra busy now. Need to get my mac set up at home asap!

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reallly nice, somehow classic and playful at the same time.
But I agree partly with you on your first observation, at least on the c, e and s. In my, very layman-ish, opinion, the problem with the c and the e is that they slope downwards, the c on the upper stroke, the e on the horizontal piece.

As for the s, I'd say that it needs a bit broader base

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Per, don't worry about double posting, I will come along, sooner or later, and clean up. :^)

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