COP15 Copenhagen United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009

Really nice font. Used in different weights but what is it called... similar to some i've got but can't place it exactly.

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--- Tamas Ferencz ---

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Another close match, Eurostile Condensed in particular. But the 'G' and 'P' are slightly different.

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I believe it's Foundry Monoline.

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I'm pretty sure Land Rover is using it in their advertising as well.

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Hmm... The G seems to be a little different than Monoline. I'd think it was modified, however the G is found in other collateral on the site and it is consistent which I doubt they would modify each time.

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Also the numerical characters are different. Number 1 in particular.

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I saw this somewhere the other day and tracked down a .pdf to try and ID the typeface. On the .pdf I downloaded they were using Monoline. I can't explain the differences though, and don't have the time to look. I would think they could have commissioned a custom version of this.

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Also look quite like Flama

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