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Hello, I'm writing because I'm starting a work which is set on chinese characters on MAC but I must make some experiments with some chinese fonts to see if the system really accept the uncoding. So I would like to know some links with freeware chinese fonts to install on computer. I made a search on some links but every thing that I found was not good to make download because they didn't work at the computer. Anyone can help me with this situation? Thanks

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You're probably working with OS 9 ?
If you could work with OS X (or maybe even WinXP, if possible), it already comes with some Chinese fonts (I think).

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In fact I already install OSX 10 and I configure the system to apply chinese but I must get some free fonts for now only to see if everything is OK. If the client really want to do the work we must buy some fonts but for now I only want to prepare and testing the computer. Thanks Eduardo

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If you use Jaguar or Panther you already have a few Chinese full families.
In any other (multiulingual) case, I'd stick for tests with Lucida Grande, which comes in all the main scipts (Latin, Arabic, Hebrew among others). Right-to-Left scripts require Indesign ME (may be bought from WinSoft, which produces the excellent Middle East version, just updated for OSX:

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