Jiffi Stop - egyptian-ish slab serif, custom?

i felt silly when asked to ID this, but it just doesn't match up to very much as far as i've found. The hook on the J could be custom, but the whole logo/type is handled so generically that i didn't believe that.

Name: "Jiffi Stop"

-hook on the uppercase J (maybe custom)
-short tops on the lowercase f
-inside of uppercase O not perfectly circular
-uppercase T elements totally vertical (before skew/ital)

any ideas? (Thanks in advance!)

(this just smacks of something pretty obvious to you pros, but im in the dark :\)


there are a handful of "similar, but not it" fonts on myfonts.com
beton - http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/efscangraphic/beton-sh/xbold/
hunter - http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/aboutype/hunter/black/

I'm thinking it's probably a font, rather than a completely custom job. A custom job would never have passed up on the opportunity for an FFI ligature! It is likely, however, that the letters got a few tweaks along the logo design path.

Beton is very close. Geometric Slabserif 712 from Bitstream is another close one, but I have yet to find an oblique.

If you'll indulge the diversion, here are a few products that didn't pass up the chance to class up their act by sneaking in a 3-letter ligature.