(x) Help finding a similar font to the one attached - Melior, ITC Zapf Book {Nina S, Rainer, Mark S}

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Hay - a call for help!
I need to find a font similar to one have attached.
A client have asked me to use this font, but the problem is that it's a custom font, licened only to a single company.
I haven't been able to find an alternative font that she like - so now i am hooping for your help!

Thank you.

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Hm, Melior has some similarities, but it's less Modern.

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Reminds me of Melior by Hermann Zapf.

EDIT: late again …

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ITC Zapf Book is also similar.

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Thanks for the help! They both look similar - but i especialy like zapf book - it have more of the 'fun' part like the spur on the g and the string on the a.

Thanks for the great help - i knew i could count on you :)

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