Looking for a sans (Small Caps) with a small x-height

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Hi all, I'm working on a logo and looking for a font with a really small x-height. I started off with Bliss, but – concerns just one Dutch word in SC – it's too dominant. Which is a pity, I like Bliss.
So it has to be a sans, otherwise I would have chosen Mrs Eaves Petit Caps, or something similar.

Anybody got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, Brieck.

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Well, then, what about Mr Eaves?

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Ghehehe, I didn't know there was a Mr. Eaves. I thought Mrs. Eaves just made John Baskerville's bed – and all.
Thanks, I'm gonna check it out right now.

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> I didn’t know there was a Mr. Eaves

Yep, and any time now we will be seeing a Little Johnny Eaves and a Little Janie Eaves, adding a slab and a script to the collection.

(Just kidding, in case anyone out there still takes me seriously.)

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If you really like Bliss--I'm a fan as well--you could try just using a smaller point size on the small caps, or else going to the next heavier weight and shrinking that down. It might work.

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Right. You can always nuance the weight with the stroke command.

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