Mac OS X FontLab replacement icon

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I love FontLab but I'm not fond of the day-glow app icon it ships with, so I drew up a replacement. If you use FontLab for OS X and you want to return some aqua goodness to your dock, download away.

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Agree, many of us already told them. Anyway, note thta from the 3 version, the start up screen illustration is became transparent and transparent, perhaps one day, it will be completly white.

thanks for the icon!

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IconFactory's "World of Aqua" series has several excellent replacements. I can't stand that multicoloured monstrosity in my dock either :-)

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I have a question on how to make that my icon. I just did the upgrade from Fontographer to Fontlab, oh happy day, and now would really like to (also) get rid of that icon. I know how to copy and past other icon, but this one doesn't seem to work the same. Sheesh. You would never guess that I have been tinkering with macs for so long. But I guess I am a newbie in the long run.

I was told that I shouldn't be such a chicken. Please don't hurt me. ;^)

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Just stay away from Step-hen.


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OOOOhhhh... So that was what the "download link" was for... No wonder you didn't answer me. I am daft.

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Nice, Aaron. I was just thinking yesterday how awful
all their visual design is. Certainly doesn't do the apps
justice. But these are clearly software developers, not
graphic designers.

Strangely, the icon for the FL installer is much better
than the one for the app itself.

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