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Hello, my first time here :)

im currently designing a photographers website (black background, gray and purple colors specific) and the logo is taking me forever to finish and get me satisfied.

I have the draft below, somehow the typeface isn't making me feel complete or something.

any thoughts? an alternative typeface?

many thanks in advance.

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I would try with something a little more angular for the type, something that recalls the rounded corners of the camera shape and that maybe could help harmonising the "yg" pair.

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The boarding around the C is to close the the C itself. Dont know if this is just me, but i get attracted to the eye of the "lens" to quick. First i see that, then i see the overall view. Mayb you should integrate the photo a bit more. Dunno if it works tho :). The yg pair is indeed a bit odd. Maybe create a Y from the G. Or create a font that has the same corners as the camera, like riccard0 said.
Hope it helped.

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and the gradient looks a little cheesy.

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Maybe it's just me, but I don't think the logo should be designed based off the website. It seems like the logo should come first.

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