3 fonts in Assorted Seed Magazine - FF Magda Clean, Vectrex {Nina, self (Joe)}

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Assorted Seed Magazine fonts

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#1 is FF Magda Clean
(Link to OT version)

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Thanks altaira for the fast response!
(It's not for a project or anything, I'm just curious and hadn't been able to find these.)

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The third one already came up (maybe a couple of times). I don't remember if it was IDed and am unable to find the thread(s). Maybe you can search the forum for Blender and/or Gridnick, which aren't a match but were often cited as alternatives.

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Another alternative would be my Mashine.

Most of the letter shapes are very similar, or at least there are corresponding alternate characters included. It is slightly more extended, though. This is the result of different approaches of how to deal with the 45 degrees diagonals in the M and N: They naturally lead to a rather wide M and N, so I adjusted the overall width to match, whereas in the above example, the M and N have a rather quirky solution, and W and V had to be "chopped off" but that allows the whole font to have a more conventinal overall width.

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Thanks for your help- I know the third one now.
It's Vectrex from Lineto.

Tim- Mashine is very cool, thanks for pointing it out.

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