(x) 'Transmorphosis': octogonal caps / Many imitators but none as nice... - Far-Marks {Mike Y}

Any help in identitfying this font please!!?? I'm after the block sans serif one... not the serif. Thanks!


It seems to be Octin College Heavy, a ripoff of ITC Machine.

Yeah that's close, but the S is definitely different... it may be a bespoke type?

That isn't Octin College. The M is far away from being identical. It isn’t United either but that gets you a bit closer (on the M).

Pixymbols http://Far-Marks seems to have about the right letterform shapes, if you add stroke and a lot of spacing between letters.

- Mike Yanega

Mike Yanega:

> Pixymbols Far-Marks seems

That's it for sure. Good eye.

Octagonal lettering didn't begin with ITC Machine.

I recognised it from the first Maxïmo Park album campaign. According to London based studio YES, "...Maximus Bold was created for the project." The only difference I can see is that on the Maxïmo Park stuff they sometimes fill in the counter on the A. Maybe Far-Marks was used as a basis for the design.