What font does Scrabble use on their tiles?

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Hello everyone!

I was looking for the exact typeface that Scrabble uses on their tiles. I am aware that there are many variations, but this is the one I am looking for. From my search on whatthefont, the closest I came to was the Superbastone family.

I am actually looking for the traditional typeface of the old scrabble. Unsure if the image posted is the one that I am looking for.

Please help!


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It looks a bit like a narrow version of News Gothic.

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I thought I'd check on that. Monotype News Gothic Condensed was too narrow, but looked very much like it. Bitstream News Gothic was too wide, and didn't have the distinctive capital Q. But Elsner and Flake, Linotype, and URW News Gothic all match.

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hey eliason & quadibloc, thank you both for your help. indeed, it looks very much similar to News Gothic. so different foundry supplies different variation of the same font?

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