Type ID Cold Case Files: February 2009

Type ID Cold Case Files: February 2009

Round Two, everyone! Digging through the archives, I've rounded up a number of zero-response Type ID requests. This batch is from February 2009. Surely there are some here that we can close out, right?

If you solve one, respond on the respective thread and let us know back here so we can track the results and see who's top of the board. Also see: Cold Case Files: January 2009 which still has a number of unsolved cases.

We'll start the clock at the date/time of this posting.

Ready.. Set.. Go!

Font ID
ADM Logo
magazine title / SOLVED by Yves Peters
Looking for a font with these specific letters
Rounded bold and strikethrough

ID this 1970s typewriter font (followup)
What's this font , please? / SOLVED by Yves Peters
Hallmark letters
The Cure album cover ID?

Need help with a font
Handwriting font from a Swedish ad
Name of this font?
Mexican Grill / SOLVED by Yves Peters
hand writing style font
Need Help To Identify Typeface
Brush Script Font

Help identifying this font
Unique "circle" font
Late 80's gameboard font
Episcopal Conference Center
Round heavy font ID
Trailer Logo Font Id

What Font is this?
Heavy stylised script 'Pop Quiz'


Pfff, only found a few. :^/

  • magazine title
  • What’s this font , please?
  • Mexican Grill

The ADM logo looks kina helvetica(semi)boldish - squooshed - to me. A very bad sample.

I believe // SANS Rounded bold and strikethrough is solved. The typeface has been customized, but with Ray Larabie's point in the right direction, we have an ID.