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Hello Typophiles!

I would like to get some professional feedback. I've started drawing a didone-like
alphabet, taking Bodoni, Didot and a few similar font - and using my imagination and eye at least.

First of all this is meant to be a self-training project - and I like well-crafted Didone-s too so try to achieve something like that :)

It is a very early stage - the very basic letterforms are still tweaked here and there, but I like its slightly condensed look. Small caps and text figures are added using some automated effects and hand-tweaking the results of these.

I've tried to letterspace only the lowercase so far but the first result was a too tight look when text set and way too far wordspaces. First print test showed it too clearly.

Now it would be great to get some professional feedback and any c&c regarding this project.

Thanks a lot in advance!


P.S.: Sorry for the not-so-good English.

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Some handsome stuff going on here, and the concept is interesting.
Hairlines this fine will only work at a larger size than what appears in your specimen, I think.
Accent shapes are too strange.
/f/ needs more weight in the hood: "affliction" looks like "attliction." /t/ needs more above the crossbar too.
/g/ looks very horizontal compared to the other letters.
Should humps branching from stems (/m/, /n/, /r/ for example) come out of the stem lower? look also at joins at bottom of /a/, /b/, /d/, /u/, etc.
/R/'s leg looks stunted (caps and small caps)
I'd make /@/'s loop more symmetrical.
Thin in the middle of /W/ (caps and small caps) looks like it doesn't align as it intersects the thick.
(I'd also make the specimen black on white.)

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I love the colors of that specimen. Very fittingly Veuve Clicquot.


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Thanks, eliason, great comments!

Yeah, I'm considering to add some more weight to the hairlines to create a font to use for body text - and keep this one for display.

Accents are really casual, just started looking for shapes - and only for a few of them, mainly the ones for Hungarian.

'@' is not good at all, in my opinion - I will redraw it completely.

Specimen b/w was posted - thank you!

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Whao, I didn't know Veuve Clicquot. Love the site, and do love the colour :)

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Looks great. Just a few points:
- the upper serif of the q looks like it is just a mirrored p. try to mirror it, like on d, l h etc.
- the f needs also more crossbar, it looks too much like a long s (ſ).
- the upper end of the lowercase thorn feels rather uppercase: should be like l.
- lower the bowl of the uppercase Thorn to have it more different from P.
- The broad diagonals in VWXY appear a bit too broad compared with the vertical stems IMHO.


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Just wanted to say that I like it and want it when it's finished!

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Thanks for good comments, Fontgrube - back to work, tweaking the glyphs and considering the things you have said and some other thing that came into in my mind...
Again - excellent comments.

I plan to release this once finished and satisfied with it, karinskij - thanks! I will let you know when this happens.

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I like your work!

There's a few places in the digits where some of the curves do not seem to flow together, particularly around the ball serifs. Two examples are the top left curve of the top of the 4, and the top right of the 3.

Also, there seems to be a spur on the top of the q, probably because of duplicated points.

Best wishes,

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A little update, please find the attached tiny specimen - I tweaked most of the glyps mentioned above - and some other problems occured - would be glad to have some more c&c on this.

Text set in small caps is no letterspaced at all - just fora quick preview as I like the s caps.

sgh, thanks for good comments - the next step is repairing figures - 8 is a hell.

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/q/ looks much better.
I don't think the thickness you've added along the bottom of /g/ looks good.

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Yeap - neither I think - 'g' is usually a pain to do for me...

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Some update - 'g' is redrawn, first versions of accents and fractions added.

I think the sloped bar of fractions has too much weight - is it?

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