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Untitled French Clarendon - in progess

Still figuring out what to do with the uppercase M.


Do you know what to do with the N?

Not really, though I'm fairly sure I don't want to do the fake-overlap thing. V and W are going to be tricky too.

Very cool.

Have you seen David Jonathan Ross's TDC award–winning Manicotti?

Yes! Ross is probably the reigning master of the French Clarendon. Ideally this thing I'm sketching would work out a little denser, and with more super-elliptical curves. I really admire some of his solutions. That uppercase Q is impressive.

Can't seem to solve the M. I might try thicker middle strokes for it just to get the width out of it.

Why not something like this:

That's something I'd considered, but I'd really like the inside legs of the M to hit baseline, and ideally have a sheared-off vertex. From a purely geometric standpoint, your solutions follow the rules set by the other letters perfectly.