Free font from LinoType: ITC Chino Pro Black Italic

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That site makes me want to scream. Your link doesn't lead to where I think you want it to lead.

Jared Benson's picture might get you closer.

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Looks great, can’t find the free weight though … awful non-userfriendly concept of the website.

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@Renko: Word. You have to follow the link to the main Linotype site:
There, choose the ‘bonus font’ banner in the right sidebar. Proceed to checkout. You have to enter your customer info and actually ‘buy’ the free font (for $ 0,—).

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Sorry about the link. I could not find the right spot afterwards, either.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Ooh, a free black italic! Will they spit in my face, too?

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> Ooh, a free black italic! Will they spit in my face, too?

You mean you actually intend to _use_ the font? I assume free font offers are just for the people who collect fonts, as opposed to _using_ them.

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Well, someone made wonderful things using just a bold italic.

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As Jos Buivenga will attest, free font offers work.
You just have to be judicious.


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Hey, sometimes you really just need a lil' headline or something. Or for a logo. It's not like a sole Black Italic *needs* to be useless.
BTW, there really are people who «collect» fonts and use them.

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Thanks Florian. Found it with your help. But won’t download it in the next 24 hours although it's a pretty font. As a protest against this unuseful website. :)

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Ooh, a free black italic! Will they spit in my face, too?

Rather their spit than your venom!

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no, James. That costs extra


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Seconding Dez's comment and getting on the FREE bandwagon. Thanks!

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ChrisL: Good point.

I collect fonts that I never use... Am I insane?

///Gerardo Ruiz Babsia///

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Thanks for the heads up. Not a bad font at all.
Get My Fonts

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You are not insane--you are just one of us!


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