First Blog Post: A new found love for typography

So this is my first post as a user of and I'm excited about it. I'm an aspiring graphic design student in Ames, IA at Iowa State University. Sort of accidentally falling into all of this, I've happened to go to a fantastic school with an award winning design program.

Currently, I'm taking an introduction to typography course and doing some research, came across typophile and a number of other typography blogs and forums and am now developing an undiscovered passion for typographic design.

Mostly I'm looking forward to the learning experience of being a part of this site and interacting with people who are experienced in typography. I'm hoping to use this as a great way to improve my design work and involve myself in the process of creating and identifying type.

I'm totally ready to get started.


It's like a dark, luscious jungle.


You're at a good school. Take advantage of it!

Thanks. I really plan to. I ended up at Iowa State pretty randomly and only after the fact discovered how lucky I was to study design here.

wait, what??
you go to iowa state too? :P