(x) Double Storey g with no loop - e.g. Every Condensed {Mike Y}

It's kinda like the Hobo g but the typeface is a cursive serif. Can anyone think of a font that has this kinda g?
I'm not sure if my description is accurate someone else saw and described it to me!
So if you guys can think of anything that's even remotely similar to the description above please let me know!


I can only think of a few serifs with a 'reversed tail' on the g. One is Jones from T-26; another is http://Aitos, from Monotype; and the last I can think of is from Unifonts, and I would have to look for the name.
- Mike Yanega

The Unifonts example is Every Condensed. Oddly the normal width Every doesn't have that 'g'.

- Mike Yanega

Oh thank you very very much. This is very much appreciated. It's an odd feature but it was a little harder than I thought to find.
Every Condensed has really nice letterforms and feel (regardless of the g). But the book version seems more like a titling and the regular like a book. Anyway I hope I'll find a way to use it for titles some day.