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(x) crystal clear - inline font - Smaragd {Jan}

Can anyone ID this mystery font? Whatthefont did not match it


Thanks, odd that wtf did not get it. Maybe cuz it was squooshed

Or perhaps it is because WTF is a machine :P

I've had LOTS of trouble with WTF. It seems it somehow does better with samples taken with the iPhone camera (iTouch user here) than with image files in the Photos folder. Perhaps because print examples are often done with far better resolution than the plain pixellation (YUCK) of wysiwyg display text and even anti-aliasing (sometimes YUCK).

I like Zara's answer. I would not say it's a bad tool, but it would never beat a panel of font folks such as at the forums, including this one. Eyes, and experience, will beat programming every time, when it comes to Font ID's.

- Mike Yanega