Christmas Break: The Projects That Ensue

So tomorrow is the last day of the fall semester and sometime in the evening I'll take my flight back home to Rancho Cucamonga, California to spend the break with my family.

This past week I have my hands on a copy of FontLab and am excited to get underway with my first chance at creating some typography. I've managed to dig up a huge 18x24 binder of graph paper that I never new what to use for until now.

One of my current projects for the break will be to do an alteration on an existing type face as a chance to get comfortable with the program and get a better understanding of type design in general. Being a fan of the Modern Typefaces and the style of Giambattista Bodoni and Firmin Didot, I'll probably spend the next three weeks, examining, sketching down alterations, and just practicing with FontLab. My typography courses don't do enough to teach us the basics of designing typefaces beyond the basic anatomy of some history of typography, so I figure it's best to try and take some of the initiative into my own hands.

Here's to a happy holiday.