Justify by font enlargement in InDesign / Illustrator?

Dear Typophiles,

I was really hoping there would be a way to justify lines by automatically adjusting their font size. I have searched for hours to find a solution, but the only solution I can find is ye olde 'do it by hand' method.

Can somebody please help me?

To be clear, here are some examples of what I mean:

I hope someone can help. Thanks very much in advance!

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I'd love to know if there is an automated method, too. When I do a type treatment like this, I set each line to full justify and stop resizing when the line's spacing seems about right. Of course, this can produce slightly irregular spacing if you're not careful.

Someone could probably write a script for InDesign to do this automatically, but I doubt there's one floating around out there. You can check the InDesign Secrets scripts page if you want to look for one.

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1) You can convert-to-outlines then do real-time scaling.
2) There's this ancient Chinese trick. It's called math. :-> Set the line at a large point size, measure its length (x), determine the desired line-length (y), then multiply the original point size by y/x.


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Erik van Blokland wrote a script to do this, and maybe there are others who have internal methods, but everyone else just puts in the time.

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mathS ;)

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Maths don't help with optical margin adjustment tho (and neither does InDesign, really).
If full justification makes optically bad L/R margins (especially when you have massive differences in point size), it can be a good idea to make the text box slightly too wide, centering the type, and finetuning the sizing. (Don't forget to put guidelines where the optical margin should be.)
And if you need to finetune the left margin, insert a thin space before the first character and kern against that.
Takes time! :)

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No need to convert to outlines for real-time scaling. Set up your lines in centered and separate text frames (comes in handy for optically adjusted line spacing aswell). InDesign lets you scale text frames with their content, just press cmd and shift, and grab one of the center handles.

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Now if only we could get Chris to add narration to this: The Making of a Type Sample

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That video is very cool.

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