Serif text face similar to Times in book for learning Cantonese, printed in Hong Kong in 1971

This is a scan from a book printed in 1971 in Hong Kong. Time, place and look would tell me it's hot metal and very probably a british typeface, but of course it's not Times (would be too easy). It's similar to Times, but especially in the italic there are alot of differences (the 'p' or the counter in the 'w' for example). the italic seems to have similarities to faces like adobe caslon.

any idea which digital font may fit this the best? i'm open to use different typefaces for italic and roman/bold, so similar digital fonts of either of those would be interesting too.



Plantin's not far off, though not an exact match.

Also has slight similarities to Baskerville and Garamond.

thanks for the post. which versions of baskerville or garamond did you have in mind? any other opinions?