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Empire of the Word

anyone watched this, any good?


Eight years in the making, Empire of the Word is a compelling look inside the act of reading and traces its impact on more than five thousand years of human history. Introduced and narrated by one of the world's great readers, Canadian writer Alberto Manguel, the series traces reading's origins; examines how we learn to read; exposes censors' attempts to prevent our reading; and finally, proposes what the future might hold for this most human of creative acts.

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Not yet, sounds interesting! I did read a book called "Empires of the Word" by Nickolas Ostler that is excellent.


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Alberto Manguel's "A History of Reading" had some really mindblowing concepts in it, along with the exhaustive history.

His thoughts on why reading is older than writing have taken up permanent residence in my casual ponderings...
Any project about language that he is involved with is bound to be good.

**I miss having access to TVO**

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Looks very interesting, I'm def going to check this out.

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Hey, why is this not available internationally?