Monospace font spacing problems in Lemke's FontBook, etc.

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Monospace font spacing problems in Lemke's FontBook, etc.

Greetings all. I have a monospace font called Impersonal which was designed in Fontographer, and a user has recently complained that the spacing is so crowded that some letters actually overlap. This seems to be happening only in some applications on Mac OS 9.x. I built the font in OS 9.6, and have successfully tested it in Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and PhotoShop in OS 10.3.5. I can’t replicate the problem, except in Lemke’s FontBook, where, sure enough, the spacing does in fact look much too crowded. A screen grab from InDesign is attached, showing how the font is supposed to look (in the red box) and how it actually does look in FontBook (blue box).

application/pdfImpersonal Problem
Impersonal Problem.pdf (41.3 k)

All characters in the font are the same width (580), and there are no kerning pairs. I don’t know why Lemke’s FontBook would jam everything together, or why the spacing looks bad in whatever word processor this user is using. It works fine for me in all other applications.

Any ideas? I’m not sure how to solve the problem since there is no kerning or other metrics to adjust.