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I've been working on this way too long with no feedback . Feedback for type design is just as about as scarce as water in the desert. I know it has some issues. I am working through them. Slowly. It is my first face.

I would love some commenting. Thank You.

solipsia.pdf (22.8 k)

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[ This post has been erased for later... read on.]

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Sean, please check your email. =)

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This typeface will be the subject of Thursday's
Lunchbox session. Sean has agreed to subject
his first type design to our first official live type
critique. See you in the Typophile Chat on
Thursday, 12 (noon) Pacific, 3pm Eastern.

Bring your own lunch.

In the meantime, check out his PDF.

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Please join us for an online chat critique session in
progress at

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Thanks to all who participated in our first (official) live
critique yesterday in the Typophle Lunchbox.

The transcript of yesterdays critique is also available
for those of you interested in what was said about Solipsia.

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