Unknown Designers ???

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The "Adobe Type Library Reference Book" (of which I bought the German edition in this week) contains numerous typefaces, which Adobe declares to be of unknown designers.

Here is a list of the "unknown" typefaces:

With answers supplied by Typophiles:

1. Clarendon - Hermann Eidenbenz (1953)- agisaak
2. Dorchester Script
3. Ehrhardt
4. Falstaff
5. Fette Fraktur - Johann Christian Bauer - Fontgrube
6. Flyer
7. Gazette - Edwin Shaar (1977) - agisaak
8. Gothic 13
9. Monotype Grotesque - Frank Pierpont (1926)- agisaak
10. Helvetica Rounded
11. Horley Old Style - F. Pierpont (1925)/Robert Norton (1977) - agisaak
12. Inflex
13. Monotype Italian Old Style - F.W. Goudy (1911) - agisaak
14. Latin - Will Carter (1935) - agisaak
15. Maximus - Walter Tracy (1967) - agisaak
16. MICR
17. Monotype Modern
18. Monoline
19. Monotype Old Style
20. Old Style 7
21. Palace Script
22. Raphael
23. Rockwell - Frank Pierpont (1934) - agisaak
24. Runic
25. Monotype Scotch
26. Monotype Script
27. Serlio
28. Spartan
29. Wittenberger Fraktur

Does nobody know the designers of these typefaces?

How come that Adobe attributes most of these typefaces to Monotype, although Adobe does not know the designer of these typefaces?

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>How come that Adobe attributes most of these typefaces to Monotype?

Because that is who Monotype said to attribute them to.


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dberlow>Because that is who Monotype said to attribute them to.


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Clarendon - Hermann Eidenbenz (1953)
Gazette - Edwin Shaar (1977)
Monotype Grotesque - Frank Pierpont (1926)
Horley - F. Pierpont (1925)/Robert Norton (1977)
Italian Oldstyle - F.W. Goudy (1911)
Latin - Will Carter (1935)
Maximus - Walter Tracy (1967)
Rockwell - Frank Pierpont (1934)

I haven't made any extensive efforts to verify the above.


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Scholarly! And off the top of your head?

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Not off the top of my head, no -- I tend to put random info about fonts in the 'get info' window (mac os) whenever I come across it, so that info's likely been collecting for years since none of the fonts in question are exactly recent. Unfortunately, I don't always indicate where that info came in, so not that scholarly either.


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