(x) casual brush sans on mid-60s guitar pedal - similar to Arctic


This font is from a mid-60's guitar pedal. I've been searching for this one for ages, but no luck so far. The closest I could find was Arctic2, but that one's still way off.
Anybody know this one?


The closest I can find (quickly) is Smiley from Font Bros.



Philippe says: Artic 2 is a misspelled rework from Sam Wang for the filmotype Arctic.

Do you think the original Filmotype Arctic is the right one? Can't find any samples of that one..

What makes you think that is actually a font? Looks like hand-lettering to me - see the 3 different 'e'.

Interesting. I might have sourced that font sample from a 90's reissue of said fuzz box. maybe they couldn't find the exact same font again and traced the it from a 60's unit.

The other fonts on the device are Microgramma Bold Extended and Futura, so I figured that this must be a font as well.

Here's some more samples:

Note that all "e"s and "n"s seem to be the same in the second sample.

I have a German book of Script Types and it shows a range of A-named fonts, including Arctic, which are all very similar. The variations are in stroke thickness, width and slant. You can see small samples of many of them in the Solotype Catalog (p.88 and 89). I am trying to compare your images to these two sources.

- Mike Yanega

There are many more of these, some starting with J, and they are almost every variation you can imagine. In addition, Photo-Lettering had many styles that seem to be extremely similar, with completely different names. Arctic seems quite close, but nothing I saw was absolutely identical. It's possible that custom lettering was done for them by one of the lettering artists who did these similar film types.

- Mike Yanega

> The other fonts on the device are Microgramma Bold Extended and Futura, so I figured that this must be a font as well.

If only it were so clear-cut, but alas that's not always a guarantee.

Sure. But the chances can't be too bad, can they?
These were made in England, by the way. Maybe this helps?

The time period is during the film type era, and many of the film types were drawn freehand by lettering artists (without drawing instruments, that is). Of digital fonts I would say Arctic2, by Sam Wang is the closest I could find. URW has digitized a number of similar scripts, but in different weights, such as Arab Brushstroke, Contemporary Brush, April (which is a lot like Arctic, but condensed), and Amber (which is like a bold April). I think these all were originally Filmotype typefaces.

(I didn't link all of these, since most of them are less like your sample)

- Mike Yanega

Too bad, I really like the one in the samples. It's got great character.
Thanks for your help, everybody! I appreciate it.

Another one on the same device: http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/1703/fontyq.png
It's very similar to Gothic 720, but Gothic 720 roman is too light, while Gothic 720 bold is too heavy.

I think you should start a new thread for this other font.

- Mike Yanega

I found another sample of that font in a 1971 movie: