"Blog This" bookmarklet for Typophile

Zara and I were talking recently about how much handier it would be to be able to spontaneously blog to Typophile when we find great content on other sites.

It’s taken some trial and error but I’m happy to say that these work! Drag these links to your browser bar and click them whenever you want to share on Typophile. They’ve been tested on Firefox (Mac) and Safari (Mac) so let me know if you get unexpected results in another browser.

(Note: You must be logged in at Typophile for these links to work.)

Blog this on Typophile

Post to Typophile


Nice! Here's the space-saving, Unicode-happy versions :-)



Edit: I tried to make them bookmarlets, but they were being converted to plain links.

Good thinking. These will work:



Works like a charm in Chrome for Mac.