Retro Art nouveau-style "Villa Léone" white-on-blue enamelled metal plaque

Hello, can someone help me to find the name of this retro font please?

Thanks ;)


This is hand-painted lettering. Similar to Ortem and Seagull. This style is usually considered Art Nouveau, and if you use that as the search term you will find a number of similar styles. I searched at MyFonts, Dafont and Abstract Fonts before realizing that this is not a font. You can see that the letters, while very similar, are not identical when they should be the same.

- Mike Yanega

What Mike said. There’s a freebie by Richard William Mueller called Legrand, which is also in the same range.

I would say it is not hand-painted but stencilled. There is a slight difference between É and E, probably due to stretching of the cutout material. The Ls in VILLA look identical. This is a familiar sort of white-on-blue metal plaque that was made by an enameling process; many cities have civic street numbers that were done the same way in the first half of the 20th c.

Thanks for all the comments. You gave me interesting pieces of information. I take them all in consideration and see what I can find ;)

Thanks again

Most likely screen printed.

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