What Would You Do if James Cameron Hired You for AVATAR 2

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So...what would you do if James Cameron called and said, "Hey, I need a logotype, and probably subtitles and so on, for AVATAR 2. You interested?"

What typefaces / treatments / etc. would you take into your first meeting at the studio?

I enjoyed the thread examining the choice of Papyrus, and thought...hey—I wonder how cool it could have been if Cameron had called on some pros...

Here are a few pics of treatments I found advertising Avatar in various stages of the (long long) project, etc:

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Use some bland, inoffensive, cliched type, BS about why it works, and collect a fat check. And then charge the client an outrageous fee for a recycled composition and laugh all the way to the bank.

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>So...what would you do if James Cameron called and said, “Hey, I need a logotype, and probably subtitles and so on, for AVATAR 2. You interested?”

First I'd get half the money up front, and then I'd subcontract the rebranding work to Armin Vit and the caption job to Joe Clark.

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For the sequel, it would be a toss-up between Viner Hand and Black Chancery.

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I don't think James Cameron has my number on speed-dial but I would do a damn good job if he hired me.


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I wonder how often things like a film's logotype end up decided in a committee board room stuffed chock-full of studio representatives and stakeholders and marketing and advertising departments and film supervisors all goup-art-directing everything into mush. In such a minefield it'd probably be tempting to just open the door, pull the pin and toss in a comp with glowy blue papyrus.

Of course, when you've made as much cash as James Cameron (who's probably a far safer and more profitable investment bet than the stock market come to think of it)—I bet you'd have the pull to keep control over your film's logoform...

I like Armin Vit, and I'd like to see him put his own work up more often for the legions of snarky logo-sharks always commenting over at Brand New...love the sub-contracting idea, but I'd probably be too excited and greedy to subcontract. I mean, unless I was too busy doing title sequences for David Fischer or something...although hiring a great, raw, ink-loving calligrapher might get things to an interesting place visually...

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Subcontracting rules.

So one day NASA wants to send an astronaut on an extremely dangerous mission - minimal chance of returning alive. They hire an agent to recruit the best candidate for the money. The guy finds a French woman, she asks for 2 million dollars. Too much money. Then he finds a German man, he asks for 1 million dollars. Still too much. So he goes to Vartanik, an Armenian guy, and tells him to please give him a good price. Vartanik says 5 million dollars. The recruiter says: "Are you crazy, the others wanted much less! How could you ask for 5 million?!" Vartanik replies: "1 million for me, 2 million for the French babe to move in with me, 1 million for you to pick me for the mission, and we send the German."


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LOL!!! Your best ever, Hrant!


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I wish I could take credit for it!


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I think that avatar_06.jpg actually has to do with a different project.

Obviously, were I a competent professional type designer with such a responsibility, I would design a quality custom font for the movie, so that value would be received for money.

But what kind of a font? To say what it would look like, one would need to give examples.

Adobe Present might be a good substitute for Papyrus if you're opening a sushi restaurant, but it's the wrong kind of font for this kind of movie. Ondine and Lydian are clearly wrong.

Ereshkigal, and Papyrus itself, might be good sources of inspiration. So might Codex or Oxalis.

For that matter, Outpost might be a goud source of inspiration... but that font doesn't seem to be in MyFonts.

Ah... Rhino might be a good source of inspiration.

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From what I can tell, it wasn't a default version of Papyrus. Looks less frail, and a few elongated / follow-through strokes. I rarely like Papyrus. It seems to litter photographer logos, just like Curls MT pollutes illustrators portfolios. But I like what the roughness of the strokes accomplished that all the other examples lacked. The provided linked logotypes seemed to miss the point, and unfortunately focused more on the corporate army side of the movie, compared to the Fern Gully/Pocahontas/Avatar side of the movie.
A congratulations is in order that Papyrus was used in what will be a certain box office record holder, while the reigning champion, Trajan, was dethroned.

* I have never used Papyrus on anything serious. :)

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