(x) ITC Avant Garde Gothic/ITC Bauhaus-ey looking phototype - Dempsey {Florian}

This one doesn't seem to be in Phil's book. Notice the slight slants on the t and r aside from the distinctive lowercase a which is probably the dead giveaway/key to a door which I do not have in front of me.

Any help greatly appreciated.



Hi David,
maybe not in Phil’s book, but on Mike’s website!
At least, it has an sample of the Letraset typeface Dempsey Medium. Apart from the weight, it seems to be a hit. I don’t know if/where it is available in digital form, though.

I have checked in two old Letraset catalogs (earliest 1976) Dempsey Medium had only the Medium weight and no lower case t with a complete cross bar - only arm on right.

It does look like a dead-ringer for a lightweight version of Dempsey aside from the lowercase t.

If anybody has a specimen of anything other than Dempsey Medium, I'd love to see it.